Lakeland District

Lakeland District SSFA Executive

Volunteers for Executive Committee is in process.


The annual fee for a membership is $10.00. The membership year is April 1 to March 31 of each year. If you are 55+ and would like to participate in our games activities, registration forms are available at the time a membership is purchased.


Opportunities are available for persons wanting to help our organization grow and serve its members.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to get a feeling of belonging to an organization of 50+ people who have the same capabilities and goals as you do!  Whether you want to be a participant and/or a volunteer, you will enjoy yourself.  Our committee has a need for volunteers who want to get involved in planning and organizing activities for seniors. This may be of interest for the newly retired but does not exclude other, if you want an opportunity on a part-time basis.

Game Results

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