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SSFA Provincial Board Executive

President: Margaret Gailing-Stepp (306) 842-4807
(E-mail address:
Vice-President: Ollie Marciniuk (306) 549-2179
Treasurer: Bill Waynert (306) 781-2510
Secretary: Linda McInytre (306) 690-5036

Standing Committees consist of the Provincial Senior Games Committee and the Executive Committee.

SSFA District Committee Presidents

Southeast Connection District: District Advisor Margaret Gailing-Stepp (306) 842-4807
Regina Sport District: Doug Barss (306) 545-2148 
South West District: Linda McIntyre 306-690-5036
Parkland Valley District: VACANT
Prairie Central District: Wanda Sweatman (306) 338-7509
Saskatoon Sport District: Sheldon Kraus (306) 242-9452
Rivers West District: (Past President) Ollie Marciniuk (306) 549-2179
Lakeland District: VACANT
Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District (Information contact only) (306) 842-4807

The District Committee members focus on Sport, Culture and Recreation.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Margaret Gailing-Stepp above.