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The SSFA will follow the Saskatchewan Health Authority and municipal protocols, regulations and policies as it relates to double vaccination requirements, masking and sanitization.

The Regina Sport District is very excited about getting back to offering/holding events for our members.  We sincerely hope that our members are ready and willing to get back to enjoying the company of other members, having fun and competing in the events that we are able to offer at this time.  It has been a long time for all of us – lets get started! 

As all Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association, District, Provincial and the 55+ National Games were postponed in 2021, exact dates for the 2022 District Games has not been set, however, the 2022 Provincial Games in Prince Albert will be held June 14 – 16, 2022 and the 2022 55+ National Games in Kamloops will be held on August 23 -26, 2022. 

Due to the deadline for the Provincial Games in 2022, it is necessary to hold some events in 2021, therefore the following will take place:  HURRY AND REGISTER

55+ Golf Tournament

Categories:                Net                 Gross               Recreational (Calloway)

Date: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021                  Time:        10:00 am
Place:  Murray Golf Course                                    Register Week of August 23 - 28
SSFA Membership: $10                                           Roberta French, 55 Mickelson Dr.   (306) 543-1958 
Green Fees:   Adult: $54        Senior (65+): $46  
Contact: Oscar Rivera          E-mail: 
Qualifier for the 2022 Provincial Games

Categories:  Net, Gross, Recreational (Calloway)

Date: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021                 

Time:        10:00 am

Place:  Murray Golf Course                                   

Register until September 17th

SSFA Membership: $10         Contact Alice Barss (306) 545-2148

Green Fees:   Adult: $54        Senior (65+): $46 

Qualifier for the 2022 Provincial Games

2021/2022 District, Provincial and National Games 

2021/2022 District, Provincial 55+ and National 55+ Games

These Games are open to Saskatchewan residents who will be 55 years of age or older by December 31, 2021/22  Participants must be Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA) members.  The qualifiers from the 2021and 2022 District games may advance if they chose to the Provincial 55+ Games, and similarly, if they again qualify, to the Canada 55+ Games.  The event that will be held in 2021 by the Regina Sport District that will qualify for the 2022 Provincial 55+ Games at this point will include golf.   At this time it has not been decided if any other events may/will be carried out in 2021. Other events that will held in 2022, yet to be confirmed, 5 pin bowling, lawn bowling, contract bridge, cribbage, pickleball, kaiser, poetry and short story writing, swimming, scrabble, bank shuffleboard, 8 ball, slo pitch, track and field, curling and 2 person stick curling. Other events may be added depending on registrations.  Check out for more details.  Accommodations in Prince Albert will be announced in 2022.  Further events that will be held in 2021 will be announced as it is able to have such events.  Information on 2022 Games will be advertised on this website as soon as available.


For information regarding membership, contact Roberta French at 306 543-1958 or

How Can You Get Involved with the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association?

Monthly Meeting

The Regina Sport District holds meetings once a month, at 10:00   Visitors always welcome.  We are definitely in need of some volunteers to be part of our fun group.  For more information on our meetings, or how to become a volunteer and to find out what all is involved, call any one of the committee members below.    Remember there is no obligation.


Doug Barss

306 545-2148

Vice President

Lorraine Hill

306 949-5574


Lorraine Hill

306 949-5574


Alice Barss

306 545-2148

Members at Large

Games Coordinators

Ray Webb, Roselyn Veitch,
Roberta French, Lorraine Hill



Gord Garratt

306 545-6693


Roberta French

306 543-1958


Jan Desnoyers

306 545-7157


Ray Webb

306 584-0104

Web Site

Lorraine Hill

306 949-5574

Slo Pitch

Bill Johnston

306 535-6690

Provincial Rep.

Doug Barss
Alternate: Roberta French


Povincial Games Registrars

Roberta French and Roselyn Veitch


Provincial Director-at-Large

Gord Garratt

306 545-7157





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